About Me

I don’t usually carry a bullwhip or always wear a slouch fedora, but I worked for many years as a professional field archaeologist and later as preservation archivist. I’ve edited professional journals and society newsletters, and taught writing to freshman college students. Before that, I was a newspaper copy editor, a radio announcer, and a riding instructor! I left a career in academia to pursue my lifelong love of storytelling.

Studying the past taught me that there is a physical and emotional structure that shapes the stories we tell

In September 2017, I was selected for the inaugural Story Grid Editor certification workshop in Nashville. There, I and 18 other story enthusiasts studied story in granular detail with founders Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl. I’m also an alum of screenplay master Robert McKee’s Story seminar.

Now I’m now part of a passionate and collaborative group of professional editors and writers whose mission is to share with others what we have learned about good storytelling.

Storytelling is humankind’s greatest gift to ourselves. Stories teach us how to live better lives. They can change lives.

As a novelist and developmental editor, I know that the most practical and useful techniques a writer can leverage have to do with understanding shared story structure. I’m committed to helping others use these methods to improve their stories.

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