I’m Julia Blair, a Certified Story Grid editor. I believe that good writers are made, not born.

Story Grid is an approach to writing and editing that identifies the implicit structural organization of stories, and shows you practical ways to use that knowledge to write better stories.

Can you figure that out by yourself?

Sure. Lots of writers do just that.┬áIt takes them years, if not decades to figure it out. Start by consuming thousands of stories, books, and movies, and you’ll begin to get a feel for what makes a story work.

Can you speed that process up?

Yes, you can.

Everything you need to know about Story Grid principles is free for the taking at the Story Grid website. Thirty years in the big five publishing world led Shawn Coyne to develop an approach to story analysis that most people learn by trial and error.

But you can improve your craft even faster when you hire a Story Grid Editor and get specific targeted feedback based on your manuscript draft or weekly scene-writing.

I learned from Shawn as part of the original cohort of editors and have been studying and applying Story Grid methods professionally since 2017.

Schedule a free half-hour consultation to ask about your own writing, applying Story Grid methods to your current work-in-progress, or to find out more about working with an editor.

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