Good writers are made, not born.

As an editor, it’s my mission to help aspiring novelists create powerfully plotted stories and compelling characters, backed by credibly supported world-building.

My specialties are epic and action-based fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction.

I edit novels and short stories based on sound principles of story structure and character development. I coach writers on specific techniques and provide targeted, actionable recommendations based their demonstrated level of craft. I’m a graduate of Robert McKee’s Story seminar and one of the original nineteen Story Grid Certified Editors.

Schedule a half hour call with me to see if we’re a good fit.

Are you ready to write better books?

Working with Julia was an invaluable step forward in the process of writing my novel. Once I had a completed first draft, I needed an experienced editor to help me see if the story was working as I hoped it was. Julia helped me see my own protagonist’s journey much more clearly than I had, which has now allowed me to go into the revision process with a clear way forward, rather than moving in the dark.

– Krista Timaeus, author of Beloved Land