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I’m Julia Blair, a Certified Story Grid editor. I’m passionate about my love of story in all forms and I believe that good writers are made, not born. As a writer and editor, I’m fascinated with plot and character, and I love to talk shop with like-minded souls.

Are you working on a story or manuscript that seems to have stalled? Or maybe you’re grappling with a plot that you know in your heart can be better. Every writer has been there.

Developmental editors have the skills to identify problems and prescribe solutions that can take a pretty good manuscript to new heights, or turn around a story that you thought was going nowhere. A good editor can make a huge difference in you as a writer, and your story as a finished manuscript.

I offer a free half-hour consultation for writers who are interested in applying the Story Grid method to their own work, or just want to find out more about working with an editor.

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