Welcome, writer!

I’m Julia Blair, a Certified Story Grid editor. I’m passionate about my love of story in all forms and I believe that good writers are made, not born. I’m dedicated to studying the techniques of plot, character, and storytelling, and to helping people become better writers.

Are you working on a story or manuscript that seems to have stalled? Or maybe you’re grappling with a plot that you know in your heart can be better. Every writer has been there.

Developmental editors have the skills to identify problems and prescribe solutions that can take a pretty good manuscript to new heights, or turn around a story that you thought was going nowhere. A good editor can make a huge difference in you as a writer, and your story as a finished manuscript.

I offer a free half-hour consultation for writers who are interested in applying the Story Grid method to their own work, or just want to find out more about working with an editor.

Let’s get to work.